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Sex Toy in The City

Buying a sex toy in an erotic boutique in New York should have been an orgasmic experience. But it was nothing of the sort, unfortunately. The backdrop reminded me of that iconic scene in Sex and the City when Charlotte discovered the rabbit, but my version was, sadly, pretty tragic in comparison.

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10 Ways to Use an O Wand Massager by Venus O’Hara

Wand massagers are some of the most versatile sex toys that exist. With their concentrated power and a motor positioned within the head - right where it can provide optimum stimulation to the area that it’s in contact with - they offer the best of all worlds and will never leave you feeling indifferent.

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How To Have An Orgasm

One of the most common reasons women seek my services is to address their orgasm problems. For most of us, having an orgasm requires a combination of skill, concentration, trust, lubrication, a good vibrator, luck, feeling relaxed and a patient partner.

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Keeping It Up

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which men of all ages experience problems either getting or maintaining an erection. For a true ED diagnosis, men must experience this issue during both solo and/or partnered sex.

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Sex after Kids

In my sex therapy practice working with individuals and couples, a common reason people seek assistance is to manage their sex lives after having kids.

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