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Why I Had to Stop Using My O Wand

By Venus O'Hara

When I first set eyes on my O Wand, I was blown away by the size of the box. It felt special as if it was my birthday or something. Then, when I opened it and saw the actual wand massager, I had to cross my legs, just to control the pulsations of my impatient clitoris. It was big, black and its curved, looped handle was intriguing. Besides its generous dimensions, it had an even bigger claim to live up to: “The World’s Most Powerful Rechargeable Wand Massager”. It was one that I was going to have to put to the test.

Wand massagers are pretty intense. My previous wand experience included ones that plug into the mains. Although they provided intense sensations and the orgasms were explosive, I remember that my vulva was often numb and tingly long after my climax. They were also pretty noisy. There was no way I could use one in the middle of the night. I also tried some battery-operated and rechargeable ones. But, sadly they just didn’t have the ‘oomph’ that the plug-in ones had.

So, was the O Wand really better?

When I first held it during use, I was struck by its pleasing weight. The looped handle meant that I could clutch it by my chest and almost 'steer' it from above to increase the pressure and friction on my clitoris. It was highly ergonomic, unlike anything that I had experienced before with a sex toy.

Another feature I loved was that it provided deep, rumbly vibrations that were strong enough for my demanding clitoris and personal orgasmic needs. More importantly, it didn't leave my vulva numb afterwards. And if that wasn’t enough, despite all the orgasms it gave me, I hardly ever had to recharge it and the lowest settings were strong enough to transport me to another dimension.

When I finish reviewing a sex toy, the devices usually get 'archived’. I have accumulated hundreds of pleasure products over the years and to maintain some order, I store them according to their category. For example, there is the G spot box, couples box, BDSM box, battery-operated box, wand massager box and many more. The O Wand never made it there. Instead, it remained under my pillow for months on end.

It may come as no surprise then, that It became the sex toy that gave me the most orgasms in 2017. I have recommended it countless times in my ‘top 5 sex toy’ videos, As a professional sex toy tester, it isn’t often that a sex toy ticks all the boxes to perfection in terms of power, shape, soft texture, long-lasting battery and intense orgasms. Its size might not be ideal if you are a light traveller. But there are several international mains plug options included so that there are no barriers between you and your international O Wand induced orgasms, no matter where you end up.

All of this may sound wonderful I know. But, it wasn’t all good, unfortunately. It was time to be brutally honest and ask myself the following question:

How many hours had I actually spent enjoying O wand induced orgasms instead of working?

'Too many' was the answer. That was the harsh reality. I realised that my excessive O Wand use was having a detrimental effect on my other reviews, i.e. my bread and butter.

I knew that there was only one solution to my problem.

It was time to put it back in its big, black box. Sometimes, I stop what I’m doing and look at it through the transparent plastic storage box. I give it a knowing smile as I reminisce about all those sheet-gripping orgasms it gave me. Although I believe that the decision to put it away was essential to facilitate my workflow, I cannot deny that I have missed it terribly. That smoother than smooth silicone, the satisfying strong motor, and of course, that curved, loop handle. And let’s not forget the orgasms; they were some of my best ever.

So why did I put it away again? Why on earth did I choose to deny myself such pleasure?

Who knows? Perhaps it's time to get it out of its box and give it another whirl. Just for old time’s sake.