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Underground sensation

By Natalia Sorenson
With the current Lockdown, my sex life has been restricted to a delicious amount of masturbation. (All hail the new O-VIBE - it's really helping to that end!) I've been feeling a bit lazy so in my mind I've trawled through my recollected previous sexual experiences, and this one has been on repeat for the last week or so.

It was Around Christmas 2019 and I was on a works do - thirty or so of us in a swish London restaurant. My boss had requested we all make an effort - it had been a tough year and she was determined we all see the year out in some semblance of style.

When I turned up at the restaurant I was glad to see that everyone had put in at least the same level of effort that I had. We all looked pretty good. At my table were all the usual suspects and a freelancer called Charlie. I'd never really paid much attention to him - our paths hadn't crossed much, he seemed a bit aloof and to be honest he was a bit scruffy and didn't do much for me physically.

Tonight was different. Charlie had put on a suit, popped in some contact lenses and his cologne smelt amazing. We ended up chatting and I discovered that he was more shy than aloof. I'd done him a bit of a disservice.

After a few glasses of wine he became a bit cheeky but managing (just about) to stay on the right side of being appropriate. I was enjoying his company and I finding him increasingly attractive. As the night came to an end we all headed for the nearest underground station to make our way home.

We stood close to one another chatting as the Tube shunted from left to right and I steadied myself on him. At one point we went through a black spot causing the lights to go out. Suddenly, I felt his mouth was on mine. That feeling of a sexually charged moment surrounded by other people who couldn't see what was happening was intense.

His lips parted mine just before the lights went back on. "Sorry" he whispered. And then smiled. "Well I'm not really…". I was very wet.

One-by-one the rest of our party disembarked the train at various stations. Charlie's station was literally the end of the line. We managed not to arouse too much suspicion amongst our co-workers joining in the conversation until the final revellers disembarked and wished us a good night.

The moment they were out of site and the carriage was empty we kissed again. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me towards him. I could feel him straining in his trousers and ached to grind against him.

His fingers traced along the split in my dress and the inside of my thigh. I gasped. It was a little forward but I was very hot for him. Slowly and deliberately he moved higher and higher until his thumb so, so gently brushed against my clit.

I moaned and bit his lip encouraging him to push a little harder. By the time we'd reached the next station I'd already cum. He lifted his thumb to his mouth and licked it. "I thought you'd taste nice" he joked. I kissed him deeply.

A couple of stops later I got off the train giggling at the prominent bulge that had gloriously developed in his trousers. "Have sweet dreams" I teased.

The following day we bumped into one another in a corridor just as I was leaving for the day. "So, last night was a bit…hot." I giggled.

He looked at me blankly. "Whatever do you mean?" he said.

I must have looked quizzical. As I was about to remind him he lifted his thumb up to his mouth and licked it to separate the pages in the document he was holding. He grinned from ear-to-ear.
"Have sweet dreams" he purred as he walked back to his desk.
I certainly did.