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The O-Wand® : The New Powerful Cordless Personal Massager

- Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey

The O-WAND® is the most powerful, safe and stylish personal massager on the market today. Rechargeable and cordless, it has four power settings and seven pattern settings allowing you to alter the vibrations to suit your mood but, unlike other devices, it also comes with a safety button, meaning it no longer accidentally turns on in your suitcase. You no longer arrive at your destination with a dead battery and an inspection card in your suitcase (though there is no guarantee that TSA will not choose to inspect your case in any event).

The patented O-WAND® was designed by one of the UK's leading sex toy manufacturers – Mr and Mrs Toy. The company takes safety very seriously and this informed the design of the O-WAND®. With its velvet-soft touch and sleek black and gold design, this handheld vibrator has been lovingly made using the highest-grade 'body safe' silicone and comes with full CE certification.

It also boasts additional safety features such as an automatic 'power off' - so users never run the risk of their favourite device overheating. Stylish, safe, waterproof and rechargeable, the electric O-WAND® has reinvented the personal massager. The ergonomic handle makes this wand the first choice for anyone who has repetitive strain, arthritis or simply finds a larger personal massager harder to manage. When held correctly, it balances beautifully.

As a personal massager, the O-WAND® has the power to provide deep tissue massage, reaching deep into the muscle layers as well as perfect to use on trigger points to create that much needed release. Many physiotherapists recommend self-massage on a regular basis in order to prevent the build up of knots and complex trigger points. A handheld personal massager is a fantastic tool to use at home allowing you to keep up regular massage and therefore reduce the probability of knots in the future.

This amazing sex toy leaves the other personal massagers in the dust! No cords to deal with and completely waterproof so it can be taken into the shower or bath. I love the soft smooth feel of it and the power is second to none despite it being cordless. The O-WAND® is equally fantastic for working on those deep knots in your shoulders after a stressful day and providing the power needed to bring you to a delicious orgasm as part of an exciting evening.

This luxurious wand vibrator comes with one attachment as standard, the O-Burst. The textured silicone sensory nodules are designed to heighten your pleasure. There are three other attachments available made of the same velvet soft ‘body safe’ silicone as the massager itself. One attachment is made for men: the O-Gasm. A second attachment is designed for clitoral stimulation: the O-La-La. The third attachment is designed for prostate and G-spot stimulation: the O-Spot. All of these add to the versatility of this personal massager truly extending its range as a sex toy.

Wand vibrators have been traditionally enjoyed because of the powerful vibrations they provide. Some women find that orgasm is difficult without the help of significant power and for these women, corded wands have been preferred as these have been the most powerful. The initial cordless wands have traded power for convenience. This is not the case with the O-WAND® as the power is retained though it is handheld and cordless. The four speeds give a range of intensity that works for those of us who don’t enjoy vibration that is too powerful through to those of us who want the ultimate in power. The seven programs provide enough variation in pattern for even the most discerning of pleasure seekers.

I love the sleek and luxurious look of this handheld vibrator as well. It is black and gold and it’s unique design sets it apart from the traditional wands on the market. The shape is not simply for beauty. It makes it easier to use on your own to reach that spot on the back of your shoulder that often aches as well as giving you a longer reach for self-pleasure. For some, using a wand for self-pleasure can be cumbersome. For curvy women, the traditional straight handle on a wand can make get the right angle and the correct pressure very difficult. The curved handle on the O-WAND® and the ergonomic grip make getting the right angle and the intensity you desire far easier giving curvy girls a new option for self-pleasure.

If you are looking for a new luxurious sex toy that you and any partners will love, the O-WAND® is the ideal choice. Don’t forget the attachments if you want to spice up your sex life further. You can purchase the O-WAND® and attachments directly at and for a 10% discount use the code, DRLORI10.