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The O-WAND® - a cordless wonder!

- Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey

The O-WAND™ is the most powerful, safe personal massager on the market today. It is sleek and stylish, made of black velvet soft highest grade body safe silicone and with a gold handle. Rechargeable and cordless, it has four power settings and seven pattern settings allowing you to alter the vibrations to suit your mood but, unlike other devices, it also comes with a safety button so it will shut off if it becomes too hot and it will never accidentally turn on while in your suitcase, meaning no more embarrassing scenes at the airport!

The patented O-WAND™ has been designed by one of the UK's leading sex toy manufacturers – Mr and Mrs Toy. The company takes safety very seriously and the design of the O-WAND™ is no exception. This handheld vibrator has full CE certification.

This amazing electric vibrator is also waterproof! It can be used safely in the bath or shower. This is wonderful if you are into some private time for solo sex and are in a busy household. The bathroom may be the only place in the house you can get any privacy, especially if you have children.

This O-WAND® is a cordless wonder! Unlike its competitors, the O-WAND® retains the power usually only found in corded wands. This is one of the reasons people love it so much. It is rechargeable and the charge lasts a good long time. It also comes with adapters for a number of countries so you can take your personal massager with you when you travel without a problem.

Clients tell me that the O-WAND® attachments are great too. It comes with the O-Burst® which has lots of sensory nodules for an interesting change in texture. The O-GASM® is made for men. It is a velvety soft sheath that turns the O-WAND® into an amazing male masturbator. The O-SPOT is useful for prostate massage as well as G-Spot stimulation. Between the O-GASM and the O-Spot, this wand makes an exceptional present for the man in your life! Often men don’t really find sex toys that work for them. The O-WAND® is a favourite with men for some of the same reasons that women and non-binary folk love it: waterproof, electric, handheld, rechargeable and ergonomic!

Finally, the O-La-La attachment is a clitoral stimulator that turns this powerful wand into a clit pleaser extraordinaire. Clients talk about the intensity of the stimulation and the differing vibrations making this one of the most loved wands for clitoral stimulation.

The O-WAND® is luxurious. If you are looking for a great anniversary present, whatever your partners’ gender, look no further. This wand is a delicious sex toy as well as a fantastic personal massager, working really well on pressure points and deep tissue massage. The 7 vibration patterns are particularly useful when employing the O-WAND® as an electric massager. The slight curve makes it easy to use solo on the back of the neck and into the shoulder blades. For relieving all types of tension, this wand cannot be beat.

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a sex and intimacy coach and psychologist who has spent the last 32 years working with individuals and couples to help them create and maintain their ideal intimate relationships. Her mission is to take sex and conversations about sex from the shadow to the light. She hosts the A to Z of Sex® Radio show on every Thursday at 11 AM PST/ 7 PM BST. Find her on her websites and For a 10% discount on the O-WAND®, put in her code: DRLORI10.