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The End of the Dry Spell by Venus O’Hara

Despite my incredibly high libido, regular sex bores me. I believe that less is more. My preference is always for quality over quantity.

This doesn’t apply to solo sex, however. I indulge in self-loving masturbation sessions almost every single day. Sometimes I want to be selfish with my energy. The kind of sex I enjoy is S.E.X - that is to say a Sacred Energy eXchange. Although sometimes, the energetic exchange can seem draining and I’d rather be selfish with my life force energy.

Well, that is how I’ve been feeling lately about sex. I have been quite stressed after taking on more projects than I can physically handle. For this reason, I have wanted to keep my energy all to myself as opposed to sharing it with my other half. As you may imagine, he hasn’t been very happy about this.

I must admit that I’m not very good at relationships even though I’m in one and it seems to be lasting a lot longer than I ever could have predicted. I’m not used to having to consider someone else’s feelings when it comes to sexuality, as you inevitably have to when you’re in a relationship.

I don’t know how it happened, but four months went by and there was no sex. My beau was incredibly patient when he saw how stressed I was. He was so patient in fact, that I even began to suspect that he might be with someone else on a couple of occasions. Despite the dry spell, we remained affectionate and whenever we meet, we are always stuck together in a permanent snuggle. But just the other day, his patience reached its limit.

There we were snuggling in my bed watching the stars and the moon out the window, just like we do on many cold winter nights. But this time was going to be different.

‘I don’t turn you on any more’ He said out of the blue.
‘What? That’s not true!’ I protested, but he wasn’t convinced.

He said the passion had gone. That I no longer desired him and that it wasn’t normal to go four months without sex. I was a bit taken aback and I wasn’t in the mood for a confrontation at first, but I realised that it was necessary, especially when I learned how much our lack of sexual intimacy was affecting him.

‘I’ve been stressed. I do desire you. Sex hasn’t been my priority,’ I explained.

‘But sex is relaxing. It’s good for stress.’ he said.

Who was the sexpert, me or him? Despite his patience, it was obvious that my lack of interest in sex made no sense to him whatsoever. I wasn’t sure how I could explain it either. I tried to reassure him, but it was no good.

It was only when he wanted to get up out of bed that something intense happened in my loins. I felt a huge surge of desire that had been dormant for months. I didn’t want him to get up out of bed without having sex with me first, then and there. I suddenly desired it more than ever and I wanted to make up for the lost time.

‘I do desire you,’ I said and we began kissing urgently as if it was the first time. The kiss developed into something more and we couldn’t get each other’s clothes off quick enough. When we were finally naked, skin to skin, we both let out a sigh of relief and pleasure. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed the effort he puts into touching me, tasting me and the satisfaction he expresses when I come.

It didn’t take us long to both reach a cathartic climax that had been building up for weeks. It reminded me why I believe less is more and why I prefer quality over quantity. It was wild, emotional and familiar. It was a cocktail of extreme emotions which was perfect for a passion junkie like me.

There was no doubt in my mind that it was much better than if we had been having regular sex over the last four months. After all, regular sex bores me. The end of the dry spell was so good, that it might be worth having another one sometime in the near future.