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Sharing the Magic of a Wand Massager - Venus O'Hara

There is no doubt in my mind that, as a professional sex toy tester, I probably have the best job in the world. But let me tell you that it’s not just about enjoying mind-blowing orgasms on my unmade bed. Despite the obvious perks of my profession, there is definitely a negative side to it. Receiving an unlimited supply of pleasure products for free means regular deliveries. And on those days, I have to stay at home all day long, not knowing when they are going to arrive.

It can be particularly frustrating if I fancy popping out for a coffee, some shopping, meeting friends or even going to the gym. But I guess it’s a small price to pay for all the orgasms I’ve enjoyed as part of my work.

Fortunately, I managed to resolve this slight inconvenience when I joined a coworking space several months ago. These days, I no longer have to worry about having to be present to receive my packages. This is because there is a reception service that keeps them for me until I can collect them at my convenience.

I never wanted to attract any unwanted attention from my fellow coworkers. Although it is my mission to raise orgasmic awareness on a global scale, I’m fully aware that the subject of sexuality makes many people uncomfortable. For this reason, I always aim to be discreet. To my surprise, despite my intentions, I’ve actually found that everyone is incredibly accepting. They are even encouraging and intrigued when it comes to my work.

These days, when I arrive at the office, it isn’t unusual to find that several people have already seen that I have a package awaiting me. They always ask about the contents. I’m only too happy to show them in an unboxing ritual and answer any questions that might arise. As I remove the layers of cardboard to get to my next orgasmic device, my coworkers congregate around my desk, eager to discover the contents of my box.

Often when I receive a wand massager, the men become uncomfortable. They look at the sheer size of it and worry that it might be insertable. ‘It’s for external use only,’ I reassure them. Needless to say, they are relieved when they hear this. When they have learned that they can also benefit from it as a massage tool they become motivated to buy one. This is especially true when I pull it out of its box, switch it on and insist that everyone tries it out on their own necks and backs. Over their clothes, of course.

The questions about sex toys don’t stop there. Often, I will receive private messages from women asking for recommendations. Some have even confessed to me that they have never had an orgasm. Men also contact me. They fear that their wives have lost interest in sex. In both cases, they think a pleasure product might be the answer. When this occurs, I’m only too happy to share my best tips to help them out.

A wand massager is a device that ticks many boxes, particularly for couples who have never experimented with sex toys before. Its versatile, non-sexual attributes as a body massager almost make it a more gentle way of approaching the subject of sex toys with your significant other. It’s a fantastic tool to share for mutual massage. It can ease the tension in your neck, shoulders and back. In addition, the curved, looped handle of the O Wand makes it extra ergonomic for self-massage.

But that doesn’t make it a ‘light’ option. Using a wand massager as a clitoral stimulator is so pleasurable and orgasmically efficient that it could ‘ruin’ you for other sex toys. Wand massagers have a larger vibrating surface area than most sex toys and they boast a much bigger, more powerful motor. The wide, round head isn’t only effective for stimulating the clitoral gland. It also provides intense pleasure to the entire vulva, labia and the internal clitoris. Therefore, they can stimulate over 8,000 nerve endings.

I’ve inspired my coworkers enormously. So much so in fact, that I’m no longer the only one receiving sex toys at my coworking space these days. I’ve recently discovered that they have their own orgasmic devices to collect from reception, at their convenience. But their unboxing ceremonies happen in the privacy of their own homes. I’m always thrilled that my recommendations have been successful. When I see their knowing smiles around the coffee machine, I can always tell that they have been sharing the magic of a wand massager.