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Not All Sex Involves Penetration…

- Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey

Many people think of sex as almost always involving some form of penetration. For some people, penetration is not only not pleasurable but often brings pain. In these cases, personal wand vibrators can help increase intensity and range of pleasure. I have tried quite a few wand vibrators and the one I love the most is the O-WAND®.

The O-WAND® takes sex and pleasure to a higher level of intensity. It’s power and programmes create deep vibrations that provide the stimulus for powerful orgasms. It’s sleek, smooth body safe silicone feels delicious to the touch. The ergonomic grip makes handling the size and the weight a breeze.

Some powerful wands have the tendency to overheat. The O-WAND® doesn’t do this but the creators put a safety switch in anyway so that you know you are always protected. The O-WAND® holds a patent for personal massagers so you can use it to work out those knots and kinks at the end of a long day too.

The O-WAND® comes with one attachment (O-Burst) as standard that has lots of raised sensory nodules. The change in texture can make exploration and sensory play even more fun. The O-La-La attachment is a clitoral stimulator that creates intense sensations making orgasms even easier to achieve for some women. It is the best attachment for clitoral stimulation available.

There is nothing like playing in the bath or shower. Warm to hot water running over your body can be so stimulating. Up until now, one of the few options for playing in the bath or shower has been a good handheld showerhead. Now there is the O-WAND® for more intense sensations when in the shower. It is completely waterproof!

Mary came to see me for coaching because she was finding orgasms difficult to achieve. She said her clitoris was too sensitive to touch directly and that penetration did not help her get to orgasm. We spent a couple of sessions looking at her previous sexual experience and the activities she loves as well as looking at what has not worked. She said she had never tried a wand vibrator as she worried about them being electric and being plugged in. She also told me she enjoyed masturbating in the bath and that she was particularly upset that she couldn’t reach orgasm easily that way anymore.

I suggested she try a variety of exercises to take the pressure off of herself – avoiding orgasm, edging, stroking her clit without intending to reach orgasm. Then I recommended that she try some sex toys. She started with clitoral stimulators like the Womanizer and found that though she could reach orgasm with these, it was not as satisfying as the orgasms she had been having before she started having trouble.

I suggested that Mary try the O-WAND® made by Mrs and Mrs Toy because it is powerful, sleek and waterproof. I told her it was handheld so she need not be concerned about the electricity being a problem and that there were a variety of programs so that she could vary patterns of vibration as well as intensity. I pointed to the ergonomic grip so that she could use it for a long time without becoming overly tired from holding it.

Mary came back to her next session excited. She said ‘The O-WAND® wand vibrator worked! I love it! I had no trouble reaching orgasm and had solo sex for hours in the past week! I love the look of it and the feel of it. I even love using it for a personal massager and used it to massage my partner too.’ Mary came for a few more sessions and then left coaching with a new set of skills that increased her orgasmic potential. Her handheld electric O-WAND® is her favourite relaxation at the end of a day – alone or with a partner.

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a sex & intimacy coach and psychologist with 32 years experience helping people to take sex and conversations about sex from the shadow to the light. For a 10% discount, head to and use discount code DRLORI10 for your own O-WAND®.