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Lockdown goes on. And thus, my sex life or lack of it, continues to monumentally suck.

New year means an increase in exercise which results in increased energy and often libido so I’m fitter and hornier than I’ve been in ages. Had I not been able to road test the New O-WAND 2.0 over the last couple of weeks I would literally been climbing the walls.

As I mentioned last month, I’ve trawled through previous experiences to aid my masturbation (and I mean I’ve REALLY trawled through them) and while there’s still a couple of favourites, I’ve decided to embark on a social experiment to see where the need for ‘Me-Time’ really spikes.

In essence I’m journalling who, what, where and when I feel turned on. I want to see if there are any patterns that make themselves known. To what end I’m not yet sure, but at the end I hope to have a better understanding of my own kinks and quirks and maybe even train my sub-consciousness into an organic fantasy factory!

Working from home and with full access to the internet means that we are bombarded with all manner of content all day long - and I’m not just talking about porn. The influences can come from a variety of the most random sources, tv, radio, news or just out for a walk.

Here’s a quick list of some of the most random content that has resulted in at least a sexual thought and at most, an hot masturbatory session that produced a mind-blowing orgasm!

1. Watched a hot guy walk his dog on the beach in the sunlight. Within seconds I’m fantasising about hot guy going down on me underneath the yacht club.

2. Tall, Indian guy in ‘It’s a Sin’. Yes I know he’s gay. Whatever.

3. YouTube Yoga workout. ‘Downward Dog’ got very dirty. Excellent orgasm tho.

4. Read a story about Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Green having an affair with two men at her gym. Then I’m fantasising about playing with two luscious cocks in the free-weights area.

5. The cleavages of several TV news anchors. Standard lesbian domination fantasy ensues. Yum.

6. Promotional text message from restaurant led to fantasy where chef’s whites were literally ripped off by me by lusty co-workers. It was kinda hot.

7. Couple walking in the woods in Wellington boots. At the time thought they were innocent and cute. By the time I got home I’d invented a fantasy where I was their ‘Juicy little fuck-slut’ promising to do whatever they wanted me to.

Weird? To some, probably, to others it’s all undoubtedly a bit tame. But it had opened a few doors in my mind to the potential of threesomes and group based activity which is in doubt partly fuelled by the lack of physical human interaction.

Am I about to join a swingers club the moment Lockdown ends? That doesn’t appeal, but the idea of dragging a couple of people home with me after a night out does. I’ll let you know.

Please watch the returns - I will send 2 x photo in a moment