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3 Ways to Reignite Affection and Attraction During Stressful Times.

Many men tell Shana James, Dating and Relationship coach, that romantic relationships are hard right now!
Fewer outlets for play and rejuvenation...Lots of "together time" with nowhere else to go...Survival anxiety at an all time high...

It's a recipe for relationship stress and struggle!
Women's response to stress can be confusing. And if a man doesn't understand this response, affection and attraction fades, and fast.

She will address this On Wednesday's Master Class -- 3 Ways to Reignite Affection and Attraction During Stressful Times.

Men, you'll learn how to help the woman you love open to affection and connection again.

You'll find out:

  • What makes a woman's body want to be closer to and more affectionate with you
  • How to be less thrown off by her frustration, disappointment or anger and use it instead to deepen intimacy
  • The unexpected ways you can turn a woman on in your house
  • The ninja skill to use when she complains so it's more likely both of you get what you want
  • The key to having a sex life that becomes hotter and more exciting over time

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If you're a woman reading this and you're struggling to feel attracted or affectionate with your partner during this stressful time, you don't have to do this alone. Let me help him understand you.

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