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Lockdown goes on. And thus, my sex life or lack of it, continues to monumentally suck.

New year means an increase in exercise which results in increased energy and often libido so I’m fitter and hornier than I’ve been in ages. Had I not been able to road test the New O-WAND 2.0 over the last couple of weeks I would literally been climbing the walls.

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The under-appreciated art of a pro-level hand job

The hand-job gets a pretty bad rap. For many men, their first experience is often one that’s over-enthusiastic (see, yanking as if milking a cow) or it’s under-enthusiastic from an equally inexperienced or even squeamish partner.

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Underground sensation

By Natalia Sorenson
With the current Lockdown, my sex life has been restricted to a delicious amount of masturbation. (All hail the new O-VIBE - it's really helping to that end!) I've been feeling a bit lazy so in my mind I've trawled through my recollected previous sexual experiences, and this one has been on repeat for the last week or so.

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Exploring My Submissive Side

We hadn’t seen each other for a while due to work commitments but on one very, wet Sunday afternoon we met up in his local bar for a couple of drinks. Two glasses of an excellent Barolo later and we were both eager to get back to his place.

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The Agony and Ecstasy of Anal By Natalia Sorenson

First things first - it’s not for everyone and it’s certainly up to the girl to choose if she wants to try it, but for me there’s always been something…wantonly naughty about anal sex.

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